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Walter Spies - Bauern, Erntedankfest ( orig. Title : “Petani / Upacara Sehabis Panen” )
for sale: Adrien Jean Le Mayeur De Merpres [Belgian Painter, 1880-1958]
I Gusti Nyoman Lempad
Ida Bagus Made Togog
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DRAWINGS: Walter Spies drawing's are known all over the world, his animal and insects drawing are famous. His works were he draw human, balinese people are rare. The Balinese Man's Cook fighting drawing were sold from at auction house Christies in Singapore for over 150.000 USD. Photos provided by Geff Green

PAINTINGS: By the late 1920's, painting in Bali had met a serious decline, caused in-part by few new commissions for temples and religious ceremonies. However, at this time a few Western artists began to visit and work in Bali. Russian-born painter Walter Spies settled in Ubud. Walter Spies styles were extremely influential with local artists. His classical European painting technique, and choice of subject matter was completely new to Bali. Photos provided by Geff Green

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